Embrace Skincare Radiance This Season With Our Winter Skincare Guide

Dec 21, 2023


You asked and our Estheticians answered! 

As the winter frost settles in, our skin craves extra care and hydration to combat the harsh weather conditions. Embracing a winter skincare routine is paramount for protecting and nourishing our skin. Regardless of age, the winter season demands extra care and attention for our skin. Delve in with us to understand the significance of a winter skincare routine and explore the diverse product line of Eminence Organic to combat winter's adversities. 

Why Winter Skincare Matters at Any Age: 

Winter isn't just tough on the environment; it's demanding on our skin too. The cold air coupled with indoor heating strips away moisture, leaving our skin dry, flaky, and prone to irritation. A dedicated winter skincare routine becomes essential for everyone, regardless of age, to shield and rejuvenate our skin from winter's harshness. 

"Would love to have a great regimen for dry skin for winter! I get so overwhelmed with the products." - Unknown 

Face Care: 

Begin your winter skincare journey with Eminence Organic's Stone Crop Cleansing Oil, a gentle yet effective cleansing oil that nourishes while removing impurities. Follow up with Eminence Organics Stone Crop Whip Moisturizer and Eminence Organic Snow Mushroom Moisture Cloud Eye Cream, both are hydrating treasures that combat dryness while minimizing fine lines related to winter dryness. 

Lip Care: 

Chapped lips are a common winter woe. Eminence Organic's Lip Trio Kit is a savior, providing intense moisture and protection against the cold, ensuring your smile remains soft and vibrant all season long. This 3-step treatment for your lips will exfoliate, plump, and protect your lips with fresh citrus, nourishing shea butter, fruit enzymes, avocado oil, and peptides to help improve collagen production within the lips. 

Body Care: 

Don't neglect your hands or body during the winter months! Your body will soak up the luxurious treat of Eminence Organic Yuzu Solid Body Oil, rich in antioxidants and vitamins, ensuring your skin remains visibly supple and hydrated. Don't forget to treat your hands with Eminence Organic Vanilla Mint Hand Cream, giving your hands the extra care they deserve. 

"Can I exfoliate during the winter?" - Jackie M. - Portland

Yes! Winter isn't a time to let our skincare routines hibernate. It's a season that demands extra love and care for our skin, regardless of age. Exfoliation will help remove skin cell build up and allow for your other products to work more effectively. In fact, winter exfoliation can be the key to vibrant skin.

Regular exfoliation with Eminence Organics products removes the hard keratin layer and build-up, bringing luminosity and clarity to the skin. For younger skin, exfoliation unplugs pores and keeps the skin clear and smooth. For mature skin, exfoliation is essential to help minimize fine lines, remove dry flakes, and to revive tired skin.

Treat your skin to the Eminence Organics Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant formulated with lactic acid, a blend of polishing flours and our Botanical Hyaluronic Acid Complex, this vegan exfoliant gently removes impurities and excess oil from the skin to reveal a visibly smooth, radiant complexion.

"Is sunscreen necessary in winter?" - Beverly 

Yes, sunscreen is essential in winter. While the sun may not feel as intense, harmful UV rays are still present and can damage the skin. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen like the Eminence Organics Radiant Protection SPF Fluid, and apply it to all exposed areas, including the face, neck, and hands.

Eminence Organic skincare offers a holistic approach to winter skincare, providing natural, organic solutions that cater to diverse skincare needs. By embracing a winter skincare routine, you're not just protecting your skin; you're nourishing it with the goodness of nature. So, this winter, let your skin radiate with health and vitality by indulging in the Eminence Organic wide range of products. After all, age is just a number, but healthy, glowing skin is timeless. 

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