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Eminence Organics Facial Recovery Oil

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Product Name
Full Size - 0.5 oz.
Sample Size - .07 oz.

* - First period price

Quick Overview:

Age-defying clary sage and balancing ylang ylang combine with olive and sesame oil for a radiant complexion
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Eminence Organics Facial Recovery Oil


Eminence Organics Facial Recovery Oil hydrating oil created with precious herbs and nourishing oils to soothe and renew sensitive and aging skin. This is a luxurious facial oil suitable for all skin types.

Made with Biodynamic® ingredients from Demeter International Certified Biodynamic® farms.

Key Ingredients

  • Clary Sage Oil: calming; balances oil production
  • Olive Oil: calms and soothes the look of skin while deeply hydrating the skin
  • Sage Leaf Extract: antioxidant; rejuvenates and tones the look of skin
  • Ylang Ylang: cleanser; calming and balancing

Eminence Organics Facial Recovery Oil Product Information

Additional Information

Wrappable Yes
Name Eminence Organics Facial Recovery Oil
Brand Eminence Organic Skin Care
Product Size Full Size
Volume in ounce(s) 0.5
Skin Type(s) Combination, Dry, Mature, Normal, Sensitive
Product Type Oil
Conditions | Concerns Anti Aging, Dryness | Dehydration, Dull | Devitalized, Fine Lines | Wrinkles, Redness | Irritation, Sun Damage
Application Smooth onto the skin after cleansing both morning and night
Ingredients Olive Oil, Sesame Oil , Sage Leaf Extract, Coriander Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Rue Extract, Eucalyptus Oil, Rosemary Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Clary Sage Oil. Olive Oil, Sesame Oil , Sage Leaf Extract, Coriander Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Rue Extract, Eucalyptus Oil, Rosemary Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Clary Sage Oil.
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $76.00

Eminence Organics Facial Recovery Oil Reviews

Overall Rating:

4.9 out of 5 stars

Based on 24 Reviews

  • One of my favorite oils-

    Review By: taylor

    One of my favorites- smells great and easy application.
  • LOVE

    Review By: Shelly

    Skin Type


    Age Group


    This stuff is my favorite! I just love it. I've been using it for a year as my moisturizer, combined with the Bamboo Firming Fluid (I put both in my hand, mix, and apply to my face, neck, etc). Almost 50 and I get complements on my skin all the time. Even during dry winter months, there is no flaky, dry's always just right. And the smell of this stuff is divine!
  • A must have for everyone!

    Review By: Kelly

    Skin Type


    Age Group


    This product has been referred to as “liquid gold” because of its amazing benefits! It absorbs beautifully with no oily residue. My first bottle lasted me 3 months and that was at 3-4 drops in the morning only. If I get a breakout, this clears it up in a day. My skin responds so well to this oil that I will never go without.
  • LOVE

    Review By: Lawree

    Skin Type


    Age Group


    This has been a lifesaver added to my daily regime. I combo it with the Age Corrective products to combat my maturing dry skin. I don't really care for the smell, but I love the benefits.


    • Effective for mature dry skin


    • Smell
  • Product delivers and smells delightful.

    Review By: Melinda

    Skin Type


    Age Group


    I have used argan and jojoba oils for years to treat my dehydrated skin. Eminence Facial Recovery Oil has been the most successful in relieving the dry skin on my face. It layers nicely under my tinted moisturizer with sunscreen in the morning. After I cleanse at night, the Eminence Facial Recovery Oil is an effective overnight hydrator. Also, the scent is a wonderful bit of aromatherapy!


    • It works!


    • Too expensive to use on my body!
  • Wonderful light moisture

    Review By: Jane

    Skin Type


    Age Group


    This is a wonderful and very moisturizing oil. There are a lot of oils on the market and surprisingly, some of them are not moisturizing enough for me. This one is, and I can also add a few drops to other creams.
  • I Absolutely love this product!

    Review By: Danielle

    Skin Type


    Age Group


    This product has changed my life. I have sensitive dry skin and this serum has helped make my skin hydrated and smooth. I have a glow to my face now. I always had problems keeping my face hydrated with a serum, face cream, and foundation. It would get flakey or just look bad. Now my skin looks flawless! I use it in the morning and at night. I have been using this product for years and I buy it for all my friends and family as gifts.


    • Hydrates very well!
    • Makes your skin glow!


    • Don't put too much on or it can be a little oily
  • Love how it smell!

    Review By: Maria

    I just received my Facial Recovery Oil and although I cannot state if it works or not, I can say that it feels great on my skin and smells wonderful! I really hope that it can help with my wrinkles. I will provide an update in a few weeks.
  • Tendency to break out

    Review By: Agatha

    In a nutshell my skin was super dry this past winter so I decided to order this on a whim. I was very skeptical because I tend to breakout VERY easily AND the price was a bit steep. I have stayed away from "Oil" most of my life. I absolutely recommend this oil to anyone with any type of skin type and or issue - this stuff actually helped my acne and really hydrated my skin. I just used the very last drop of it and I will order it again once fall rolls around because where I live the summers are disgusting and humid so I doubt I will need any additional hydration. This stuff is amazing - herbal magic & smells great. Pure GOLD!
  • Miracle product

    Review By: Amanda

    I have horrible eczema and the Facial Recovery Oil has worked wonders on my skin. I used to suffer from dry, scaly patches on my eyebrows and around my lips. Within 3 applications of the Facial Recovery Oil, the red patches were gone. I use 2-3 drops twice a day and my skin has never been this healthy. In addition to helping with my eczema, the oil is really hydrating and helps with those fine lines caused by dryness. I never want to be without a bottle of the Facial Recovery Oil!!!
  • Fast results!

    Review By: Caitlin

    First off this oil smells aaaaamazing. It also heals my blemish scars quickly without clogging more pores. I apply this at night!
  • LOVE this replenishing oil!

    Review By: Kathleen

    I have been using the Facial Recovery Oil for 6 months now. I started by ordering a couple of samples and I fell in love with it! I have super sensitive skin, so I always start with a couple of samples whenever I try a new product. Within a few days I could see a difference, my skin tone became more even, fine lines/wrinkles became smoother and, an added bonus, by putting the oil on directly after my toner, I need less of my other products! The oil causes them to spread further which is a nice bonus considering the investment I'm making with all of the Eminence products I use on a daily basis!
    My skin is also extremely dry year round but worse in the winter and this oil has helped tremendously with that without making my skin feel oily. I use it morning and night.
    I do not have scars or blemishes, I didn't try this product for those issues, more so for the dryness, uneven skin tone and super sensitivity. I am thrilled with the results!
    I highly recommend this oil!
  • Love this product

    Review By: Karla

    I first used this from a sample. I decided to order the full size. I had a small burn on my forehead from a curling iron, and after one use it was practically gone. In 2 days you couldn't see it. I have a redness to my skin, and using this at night has toned that right down. I'm very happy with this.
  • Great product!

    Review By: Francesca

    During the winter months, my skin's tone is very uneven and dry. I tried a sample of the recovery oil, and the next morning, there was such a difference in my skin's tone. It looks super hydrated and radiant. Have been using it ever since! The smell is ok, but the results are amazing.
  • Disappointed

    Review By: Patricia

    I should have read the reviews on this product before purchasing; seems it is ideal for people with scars which I don't have. It's thick and I'm not sure what I'll use it for but I don't like it on my face -- In over 10 years this is the first Eminence product that I really don't like so I'm ok with that --
  • Wow!

    Review By: Melissa

    A coworker introduced me to this product and I am glad she did. I don't use it daily but anytime there is a darker spot or a scar from the past tends to show up- this product helps! Acne scars, burns, etc.
  • Amazing!

    Review By: Yashmi

    I was recommended this oil at gene juarez during my facial. She said it would really help my post acne peeled skin and it really did! Plus I noticed overall clearer and hydrated skin as well and it feels so soothing on the skin. Repurchased many times!
  • Amazing!

    Review By: Rebecca

    I absolutely love this oil. As another reviewer mentioned, it has so many uses. Nothing I've put on my face at night has ever made my skin feel so soft in the morning. I felt like there was a noticeable difference in red acne scarring, and I would love to try using it more frequently on stretch mark scars. I only ordered a sample, but I can't wait to get a full sized product!
  • Love this product...

    Review By: Billie

    This product is wonderful for the skin, it helped clear up my skin. I ran out for a few weeks and I immediately got blemishes and as soon as I got my new bottle in the mail it cleared my skin up within two days....Amazing product!
  • Perfection

    Review By: Serina

    This has to be the most multi-functional Eminence product I own. It's wonderful for my dry but hormonally-acne prone skin, as it moisturizes, soothes and detoxifies. I apply to my face after moisturizer at night and massage into breakouts or dry spots. But it's also incredible for scars, bug bites, ingrown hairs, dry cuticles, shave burn. I just love it-it feels remarkably healing.
  • Miracle Oil!

    Review By: Traci

    This is amazing. My facialist recommended it because she said she saw results in three days when she used it herself. I ordered it immediately and saw results in two days. I have combination skin, with breakouts but also dryness, and this product absorbed into my skin right away to keep me hydrated, but also treated my breakouts. This is definitely a product I can't live without!
  • great so far

    Review By: Erin

    Have been using this for a little over 2 weeks and it has helped restore hydration along with making my skin really soft.
  • Love this Product!

    Review By: Candia

    I consistently reorder the Facial Recover Oil. I love how quickly it absorbs and softens the aging skin. Not everyone is an oil fan, however if you are, this is absolutely worth the money.
  • I love this product!

    Review By: Evelyn

    I love this product! Every time I use this serum my skin feels like silk and looks like porcelain! It's amazing to sleep in and let the oils go to work while you rest!

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