Skin Types

It's important to identify your personal skin type before choosing your Eminence Organics skin care products. Use the following descriptions to ensure a perfect match and to properly care for your skin.

Find the right products for your skin.

skin types
  • dry skin

    Dry Skin

    Is characterized by a dry and sometimes tight sensation in which visible flaking may occur. A common sign of dry skin is that fine lines may appear around your eye and lip areas. To help relieve dry skin, a rich moisturizer and night time treatment are highly recommended to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

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  • normal or combination skin

    Normal or Combination Skin

    Is characterized by an even tone that is neither dry nor oily. You might occasionally break out or experience dry or oily skin given the change in seasons or environments. To keep your skin healthy and in great condition a regular routine including a daily cleanser and moisturizer is recommended. To combat the seasonal changes, you might switch to a richer moisturizer to help dryness in the winter months or an oil reducing cleanser to help reduce blemishes.

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  • oily skin

    Oily Skin

    Is characterized by heavy shine and large pores. You are prone to breakouts and blemishes and must choose your cleanser wisely in order to not over stimulate oil production even more. Antiseptic and pore refining products are your friend to keep breakouts at bay.

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  • sensitive skin

    Sensitive Skin

    Is characterized by being easily agitated and prone to redness. Hypoallergenic and Biodynamic products are your friend to help soothe and control sensitivity. Remember that spot testing new products can help ensure no adverse reactions occur.

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