Skin Concerns & Conditions

Skin concerns and conditions can be uncomfortable, but the right treatment with active herbal ingredients can produce amazing results.

Find the right products for your skin.

skin concerns and conditions
  • acne / breakout prone

    Acne / Breakout Prone

    Is characterized by heavy shine in which pores are consistently clogged or inflamed which can cause breakouts. Acne can affect skin at any age but is more prevalent during late adolescent and early 20s. Breakouts can be exacerbated by external factors as well such as diet, pollution, stress, and hormonal fluctuations. To help alleviate and control Acne we recommend an oil reducing skin care routine, regular exercise, and eating a healthy balanced diet.

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  • rosacea / redness

    Rosacea / Redness

    Is usually a genetic condition that is characterized by redness and inflammation around the nose, forehead, cheekbone, and chin. Rosacea is sometimes mistaken for an allergic reaction or acne in which small red bumps may also appear as well. Avoiding extreme hot temperatures and using products designed to help calm the skin and reduce redness are recommended. We recommend consulting with a physician to help create a skin care routine specifically tailored toward your needs.

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  • signs of aging

    Signs of Aging

    The telltale signs of aging include wrinkles and sagging skin. Two of the biggest skin woes, these conditions are a direct result of the body’s aging process. Natural collagen production slows with age and the skin appears less plump. While aging happens to everyone, there are ways to minimize the appearance and development of fine lines and wrinkles. The best long-term prevention for all skin types is a healthy lifestyle, daily sun protection, and a targeted skin care regimen.

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  • hyperpigmentation / uneven skin tone

    Hyperpigmentation / Uneven Skin Tone

    Is characterized by the darkening of an area of skin (“dark spots”) caused by an increase in melanin. The main cause of hyperpigmentation is sun damage and inflammation. To help alleviate hyperpigmentation we recommend brightening products and to always use a daily SPF moisturizer.

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  • large pores

    Large Pores

    Is a common skin concern among all age groups and is characterized by increased oil/ sebum production. The increase in sebum can cause consistent breakouts or visible large pores. As we age the skin also loses elasticity which can cause larger pores as well. To help reduce pore size we recommend daily cleansing with a gentle exfoliation so that sebum is removed from the skin’s surface resulting in smaller pores.

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  • eye area

    Eye Area

    The skin around the eye is delicate and much thinner than the skin surrounding the rest of the face. It is important to choose products specifically formulated for the eye area to help protect this gentle area. We recommend daily hydration using a serum or cream and weekly eye masques to help ensure the eye area remains healthy and firm to reduce fine lines and crow’s feet.

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  • lack of firmness

    Lack of Firmness

    Is caused by the lengthening of muscles as we age. The skin can appear to droop around the eyes and jawline and can be exacerbated by dehydrated skin. We recommend a daily skin care routine targeted toward firming mature skin.

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  • Sun Damage

    Is one of the top causes of premature aging and a red blotchy complexion. Sun damage can cause dehydration, redness, and dark spots / hyperpigmentation. To protect your skin from sun damage we recommend using a moisturizer daily and sun protection.

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