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Eminence Organics Hibiscus Ultra Lift Eye Cream

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Tired of running out of your favorite cleanser? moisturizer? then waiting for a new order to ship to you? Fear no more!

Auto Replenish is Easy, Fast and Convenient! You'll get your selected products when you want, at regularly scheduled intervals, with no hassle and FREE SHIPPING! 

How does it work?

Auto Replenish will automatically ship your selected products, at a regular interval (ex. every 6 weeks, 2 months, etc.). 

What are the benefits of Auto Replenish?

You get the benefit of never worrying about running out of your product, along with the bonus of FREE SHIPPING on your products, every time.

When will I be charged for each shipment?

Your credit card will be charged when the order ships. 

Can I change the shipping method of my shipments?

The shipping method is only available as USPS Priority Mail, however if you would like to receive your shipment sooner than it is scheduled please contact us at (855) 927 - 4MEN (4636)

Can I cancel, delay or skip a shipment of my Auto Replenish at any time?

Auto Replenishments are unable to be delayed or skipped but you may choose to cancel your auto replenishments at any time by contacting us at (855) 927 - 4MEN (4636)

Can I return any of my products if I am unsatisfied? 

Please see our Returns Guidelines for more information

Should my product be discontinued, will I get a notification?

Yes, we will send you a notification with information regarding the discontinued product as well as offer substitutes for your product. 

Each time my shipment ships, will I get an email notification?

Yes, you will receive a notification when your shipment ships. 


If you have any questions regarding our auto replenishment program please call us at (855) 927 - 4MEN (4636).

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Overall Rating:

3.6 out of 5 stars

Based on 10 Reviews

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  • Love!

    Review By: Victoria

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    A friend gave me a sample of this product and it was the first Eminence product that I purchased. The Hibiscus smell is wonderful! And the steel rollerball has a cooling effect. It moisturizes well. I don't really have puffiness around my eyes so I can't speak to whether this works well for this or not. But I do notice a tightening effect after using it.
  • Results Good

    Review By: Keri

    I recently purchased this after trying out a sample. I really like this cream and it does seem to work well. I'm not too thrilled with the packaging though. Would have preferred a larger size (like the cucumber eye cream) without the 'funky' applicator. Seems to be a bit of a gimmick to charge more for less product.
  • Disappointed

    Review By: Ashley

    Unfortunately I have not noticed much of a difference since I've been using this product. I do like the ball on the applicator but the product does not come out evenly. I was really hoping that this product was going to improve the appearance of my under eyes but it did not.
  • No results

    Review By: Maria

    I used this product for around 6 weeks twice a day, but I do not see any results on my eyes area. I am very disappointed because I had high expectations since most of the reviews are positive.
  • Tried Sample

    Review By: Keri

    I received a sample of this with my last order and love. I do recognize a noticeable difference under my eyes. I am interested in buying, but am not thrilled at the packaging/applicator/price. Wish this came in the same packaging such as the cucumber eye gel. The packaging seems to be a 'gimmick' to pay more and get less product.
  • Applicator is worth every penny!

    Review By: CHRISTINE

    The applicator helps ro invigorate your lymphatic system to reduce puffiness. When you roll the applicator across your occipital bone and down underneath towards inner eye, combined with cream, makes all the difference!

  • Wonderful Scent

    Review By: Lisa

    I agree with a previous review, I'm not sure it lives up to the hype. I haven't noticed any difference between this product or any other Eminence eye cream. I do like the scent and texture as well. Can't say that I see any difference under the eyes after using this product. But it still moisturizes nicely and I would recommend it to a friend or purchase it for myself.
  • Gift

    Review By: Nancy

    Purchased as gift for my Husband, LOVE the applicator, wonderful feeling of pampering Him, too soon to tell regarding results (will follow up)
  • Amazing!

    Review By: Patricia

    I am thrilled with the results of Eminence Hibiscus Ultra Lift Eye Cream! Recently, i noticed an increase in the appearance of my under eye bags, and puffy hoods over my eyes. Already a fan of Eminence products, when I spotted this product I naturally wanted to buy it. I had hopes, yet I am amazed that within a couple minutes of using the product, my hopes were surpassed. From the first moment of applying this I noticed the difference. It hasn't quite yet been a week since I began using it. I'm wondering if this product will help the areas over time or if it is a fix for the day. It seems to last into the evening from the morning application.
    Overall, I love it and the fact that it has boosted my confidence about my appearance more than I thought possible. I had been more conscientious than I realized before using this product! I will be seeking more of this line for certain!
  • Good eye cream but not revolutionary

    Review By: Xiaoyun

    As a loyal Eminence follower, I'm constantly trying out new products and following news to get the latest updates on this brand. I love the concept of the Hisbiscus line - I've tried all 3 products (neck cream, line filler, eye cream) and I'm not sure if they live up to the hype. I don't see any significant difference under my eyes after using the eye cream for several weeks, however, I do enjoy the scent, the texture and how it lays under makeup.

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