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Eminence Organics Citrus & Kale Potent C+E Serum

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Tired of running out of your favorite cleanser? moisturizer? then waiting for a new order to ship to you? Fear no more!

Auto Replenish is Easy, Fast and Convenient! You'll get your selected products when you want, at regularly scheduled intervals, with no hassle and FREE SHIPPING! 

How does it work?

Auto Replenish will automatically ship your selected products, at a regular interval (ex. every 6 weeks, 2 months, etc.). 

What are the benefits of Auto Replenish?

You get the benefit of never worrying about running out of your product, along with the bonus of FREE SHIPPING on your products, every time.

When will I be charged for each shipment?

Your credit card will be charged when the order ships. 

Can I change the shipping method of my shipments?

The shipping method is only available as USPS Priority Mail, however if you would like to receive your shipment sooner than it is scheduled please contact us at (855) 927 - 4MEN (4636)

Can I cancel, delay or skip a shipment of my Auto Replenish at any time?

Auto Replenishments are unable to be delayed or skipped but you may choose to cancel your auto replenishments at any time by contacting us at (855) 927 - 4MEN (4636)

Can I return any of my products if I am unsatisfied? 

Please see our Returns Guidelines for more information

Should my product be discontinued, will I get a notification?

Yes, we will send you a notification with information regarding the discontinued product as well as offer substitutes for your product. 

Each time my shipment ships, will I get an email notification?

Yes, you will receive a notification when your shipment ships. 


If you have any questions regarding our auto replenishment program please call us at (855) 927 - 4MEN (4636).

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Full Size - 1 oz.
Sample Size - .1 oz.

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Overall Rating:

4.3 out of 5 stars

Based on 28 Reviews

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  • Love this!

    Review By: Aleah

    Skin Type


    Age Group


    This product makes my face feel healthy and taut!
  • Rich Serum

    Review By: Maria

    Skin Type


    Age Group


    This serum is super light and watered. I got 5 samples to see if it worth to purchase the full size. I have been combining it with with the coconut cream and Neroli corrective eye serum. I have not seen much improving yet, but I have not used enough days to tell. I will provide an update in a few weeks.
  • Love the Consistency

    Review By: Lorraine

    Skin Type


    Age Group


    Add me to the reviewers who love the consistency of this product. Yes, it's thin, sort of watery - but I honestly feel like it absorbs immediately. I apply after cleansing and I truly feel as though this has helped lighten my dark spots more than any other type of product I've used over the last few years. Once you get used to the lighter consistency and work quickly, I don't think it will be an issue. I was also skeptical when I ordered this regarding the smell, but I find it light and citrusy. Not a heavy, kale scent ( I worried about that!)


    • Absorbs quickly
  • Love this product!

    Review By: Victoria

    Skin Type


    Age Group


    This was the second Eminence product that I purchased after trying a sample. It is pricey, but worth it. I've been using Paula's Choice Vitamin C product thinking that the awful smell was something you had to put up with in a Vitamin C product. Wrong. This smells pleasant and has a nice texture (not watery). I either put it directly on my face after toning, or I mix it in with a moisturizer if I feel the moisturizer is too 'stiff'. This will be a must have product for me.


    • Nice Scent
    • Dropper Applicator


    • Expensive!
  • Excellent!

    Review By: Janet

    This is a great product. Some people complain about the fact that it is like water, but I tilt my head back and drop 3 drops on my face (forehead and both cheeks). Then I quickly distribute the product on my face. Works great! It keeps my complexion very bright. The sign of a great product is when run out, you can definitely see a difference in how your skin looks! Janet
  • Like a tall glass of water for your skin

    Review By: Jessica

    Absolutely LOVE this product! Started using a few months back and I have immediately seen the difference. My skin often feels dehydrated especially in the morning, but after using this I noticed a change. My skin looks and feels much dewier now.
  • love it!

    Review By: Mary Helen

    I have dry skin and this product hydrates and has improved the texture of my skin!
  • Excellent Product

    Review By: Francesca

    I have uneven skin tone with redness from rosacea. My skin looks great. I received this product as a sample, and loved it so much, I ordered a full size today-after the initial shock of the price. Can't wait to receive it!
  • Review by Ann

    Review By: Cynthia

    This product is great! Absorbs really well. It's improved the texture of my skin - much smoother. Very effective. Tried the sample size first and moved over to full size based on the results.
  • Wonderful serum

    Review By: Amber

    This is wonderful. It has improved my hyper pigmentation. The only problem is that it is like water and will run off of your face if not careful.

Items 1 to 10 of 28 total

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