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Eminence Organics Wild Plum Tonique

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Quick Overview:

Wild plum juice imparts mineral nutrients to stimulate fatigued skin. Pectin enriches and nourishes while naturally occuring salicylic acid removes surface impurities. Oxygenating toner for fatigued, devitalized and dry skin.
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Eminence Organics Wild Plum Tonique


Eminence Organics Wild Plum Tonique is an oxygenating toner for fatigued, devitalized and dry skin. Wild plum juice imparts mineral nutrients to stimulate fatigued skin. Pectin enriches and nourishes while naturally occuring salicylic acid removes surface impurities. Also effective on large-pored skin. You will not be able to get enough of the amazing fruity scent.

Eminence Organics Wild Plum Tonique Product Information

Additional Information

Wrappable Yes
Name Eminence Organics Wild Plum Tonique
Brand Eminence Organic Skin Care
Product Size Full Size
Volume in ounce(s) 4.2
Skin Type(s) Combination, Dehydrated, Dry, Mature, Normal
Product Type Toner, Tonique
Conditions | Concerns Clogged Pores | Blackheads, Dryness | Dehydration, Dull | Devitalized, Large Pores
Application Use after cleanser, masque or, exfoliating cream to remove all traces of previous products and to reveal the clearness of the complexion. Spray directly onto face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Leave on. May also be applied with cotton pads
Ingredients Organic Phytonutrient Blend™ [Terminalia Ferdinandiana (Kakadu Plum) Juice*, Prunus Domestica (Plum) Juice*, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Juice*, Prunus Cerasus (Sour Cherry) Juice*, Myrciaria Dubia (Camu Camu) Juice*, Citrus Limon (Lemon) Juice*, Malus Domestica (Apple) Juice*, Rosa Canina (Rosehip) Juice*, Beta Vulgaris (Beetroot) Extract*, Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) Extract*, Calendula Officinalis Flower Extract*, Aesculus Hippocastanum (Horse Chestnut) Extract*, Dioscorea Villosa (Wild Yam) Root Extract*, Euphrasia Officinalis (Eyebright) Extract*, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Extract*, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract*, Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba (Guar) Gum*, Vegetable Glycerin*, Citrus Pectin and Citric Acid], Propanediol (from Corn), Heptyl Glucoside, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Hydroxide, Caprylyl Glycol, Prunus Americana (Wild Plum) Extract, Sorbitol, Guaiazulene, Biocomplex2™ [Euterpe Oleracea (Acai)*, Citrus Limon (Lemon)*, Malpighia Glabra (Barbados Cherry)*, Emblica Officinalis (Indian Gooseberry)*, Adansonia Digitata (Baobab)*, Myrciaria Dubia (Camu Camu)*, Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot)*, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Water*, Lycium Barbarum (Goji) Berry*, Tapioca Starch (from Cassava Root)*, Thioctic Acid (Alpha Lipoic Acid) and Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q10)], Vegetable Glycerin*.*Certified Organic
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $38.00

Eminence Organics Wild Plum Tonique Reviews

Overall Rating:

4.8 out of 5 stars

Based on 29 Reviews

  • Love how my skin looks

    Review By: pamela

    Skin Type


    Age Group


    The smell is wonderful and my face looks great.


    • Love how my skin looks


    • None
  • Smells Wonderful

    Review By: pamela

    Skin Type


    Age Group


    I love this product it makes my face feel so clean. I use it during the day, love the smell.


    • Smells great
    • Face feels clean
    • Use it all day!
  • Excellent product. Does as promised

    Review By: Kerra

    Skin Type


    Age Group


    Though not one of the most well-known in the Éminence line, the Wild Plum Tonique delivers. I have been using it daily with the lemon cleanser since prescribed by my esthetician in 2011. Uplifting but not overdrying, it works well for normal to dry/fatigued skin.
  • Great product

    Review By: taylor

    Have tried most of the Eminence toniques and like them all- especially like the scent of this particular one.
  • Fabulous toner

    Review By: Eva

    Skin Type


    Age Group


    this toner is clearing my skin and has refined the texture, minimizing pores. The toner smells heavenly as well.


    • refines skin texture
    • clears skin
    • smells wonderful
  • Wild Plum Tonic - Sceptic turned believer!

    Review By: Sonya

    I used to think that the PH balancing and hydration Tonics were just expensive scented water. Following the skin care process as outlined by Eminence, I have found that it is just a step in nourishing my skin, and my skin feels remarkably more supple and softer.

    I do like the fresh natural scents of these products!
  • Least Favorite

    Review By: Agatha

    This smell bothered me a lot - I guess I am not a fan of wild plums! I love the lime refresh (smells amazing) and the stone crop (hydrates well & smells good). I didn't feel that it was better than the two I love so I will skip the Wild Plum Tonique next time.
  • I'm Wild About Wild Plum Tonique

    Review By: Susan T

    I have purchased many Eminence products for myself and as gifts for friends and we all agree that Wild Plum Tonique is one of the very best. The fragrance is so lovely and the fine mist quite refreshing. I spritz it on my face after makeup removal and cleansing - and also as a gentle wake-up in the morning to clear the cobwebs. :)
  • perfect cooling all-purpose toner

    Review By: Amanda

    The plum tonique smells amazing and works magic on my skin. I use it primarily as an after-cleansing toner, but it's also perfect for freshening up after a workout. It leaves my skin feeling calmed and smooth but not dried out..
  • Beautiful Smell & Perfect Matte Skin

    Review By: Hannah

    My favorite part of this product is the smell. It's a beautiful plum fragrance. The tonique makes my skin feel matte and smooth.
  • Good juju

    Review By: Serina

    It's true; read the other reviews! This project has a bit of magic because it is good for all purposes! Before or after working out, needing a break at my desk, I spray it over my body after deep exfoliation, post sunbath. It's dreamy, you'll love it I promise.
  • New favorite!

    Review By: Amy

    This is my new favorite toner/spritzer. The smell is great, but even better is that it makes my skin feel great - hydrated, clean and clear! I am not a dry skin person, but still think the product works well for my combo /hormonal skin type.
  • Best Wake-up Call

    Review By: Karen

    In the tradition of all Eminence products, it's a wonderful toner. For me though, it's primary purpose is a quick wake me up either at work or while studying. The cool mist is just the right touch and the fragrance has a perfectly fruity smell with not a touch of chemical to it. Keep it in the fridge if you really want to get the full effect of the mist.
  • Beautiful Scent

    Review By: Nicole

    My skin always feels a spritz of renewal whenever I use this tone and the smell is uplifting.....a light fruit scent always helps me take a deep breath to take in the scent and remember to relax. Love this Tonique!
  • good

    Review By: Wing Yee

    Love this smell, great toner!!!
  • Nourishing tonique

    Review By: Patricia

    I've tried several different Eminence toniques and always, always come back to this one. My skin looks and feels renewed as soon as I spritz it on. It is really good for the skin and it shows. Another one that I frequently use is the Sweet Red Rose tonique. It really soothes the skin.
  • So far so good...

    Review By: Emerald

    This was recommended by a friend and so far it has kept my breakouts at bay and feels great after I wash my face. I also use it on it's own in the morning rather than washing my face first and then using the toner. I will update if things change.
  • Smells and Feels Wonderful!

    Review By: Maria

    This is one of my favorite toners. I use it daily to seal in the Eminence No.0 Translucent SPF 30 powder. I also pack it when I travel. Long flights are so dehydrating and this is a great pick-me-up since it hydrates and smells wonderful!
  • Wild Plum Tonique

    Review By: Jessica

    This ones a keeper.... I love this tonique it's very refreshing and the smell is amazing!!!! I am so happy that i picked this one over the others.This is a must try/have.
  • Wild Plum Tonique

    Review By: Julie

    I received this as a sample and was so glad I was able to try it. I have oily/ acneic skin so have to be careful what I use, I check all products to see if they contain oil cause if they do, my skin usually will revolt. Any time I try something new I am nervous but this was a success! A great toner, great smell, refreshing, great benefits and no reactions. I am attemtpting to wean my skin off of Proactiv, it works for my acne but I do not like using chemicals. I have slowly been replacing one product at a time so that I will know what is working and what I can give up from my old routine w/o creating issues. Last year I replaced my Oil free Proactiv moisturizer with the Eminence Oil Free Sugar Plum and the Pink Grapefruit Gel, I mix them and they work really well for me. I love getting all the great benefits and have no side effects!!! Am so grateful for new options. Next I am trying the Herbal Mudmask to see if this will reduce my oil and detox my skin.
  • Wild Plum Tonique

    Review By: Lynn

    This stuff is amazing! Not only does it smell incredibly delicious, but it is very refreshing and helps to keep breakouts at a minimum. I like keeping it cool in the refrigerator during the summer and using it cold is wonderfully invigorating! I have never really been a fan of this type of product before, but now I can't be without it!
  • Wild Plum Tonique

    Review By: Tiffany

    What a wonderful toner, this feels really good going on refreshing and I love the plum scent it is so fruity!! :) This is one of my favorites so far, tried the stone crop I like it but I like the way this works and smells better!! yum yum
  • Wild Plum Tonique

    Review By: Anastasia

    Excellent product. It goes on light and fresh, and very clean. It is not sticky at all, and it is great even on my very oily T-zone. It is readily absorbed into the skin and it conditions the skin without leaving a trace of product behind.
  • Wild Plum Tonique

    Review By: kathleen

    I love the way this smells. I just got it so I'm not sure yet if I feel that it makes a difference or not, but so far I am very pleased. I have very oily skin and I am hoping that it helps with my enlarged pores.
  • Wild Plum Tonique

    Review By: michelle

    I was hesitant to select this one as my skin is sometimes on the oily side but gets dried out, I break out a lot and am approaching the bi 4-0 so I worry about that..In short, my skin is just gross. I made the right choice with this tonique as my skin is calm, glows without being ruddy. I am so happy with this. Of course I want to try all the toners but am very pleased.
  • Wild Plum Tonique

    Review By: Kathleen

    I have to take back my previous review. I don't know what I was thinking! This smells so good. The ingredients are so natural and basic. I have purchased several bottles and will continue to do so. The toniques are great for a refreshing pick me up during the day and the smell is so light and refreshing.
  • Wild Plum Tonique

    Review By: Kathleen

    I was expecting to really like this as I like a lot of the plum based products; but I do not like the scent. The new Mimosa Tonique smells much better.
  • Wild Plum Tonique

    Review By: Rebecca

    I just took a chance that I would like this product. I am now on my second bottle. I love the scent. It is very refreshing. I use it sometimes throughout the day just to help my skin feel revitalized.
  • Wild Plum Tonique

    Review By: Sara

    I recently tried this at a spa and I really liked it! The smell is amazing and the tonique is quite soothing and refreshing for the skin. I will be buying the full-sized product soon!

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