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Eminence Organics Sugar Plum Whip Moisturizer (Seasonal Product)

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Quick Overview:

Revitalizing moisture for normal to dry and sensitive skin. The sweet scent of plum and the active action of evening primrose revive your complexion, providing comfort and hydration. Plums are proven to have high levels of phyto-nutrients to fight the signs of aging associated with free radicals
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Eminence Organics Sugar Plum Whip Moisturizer (Seasonal Product)


Eminence Organics Sugar Plum Whip Moisturizer (Seasonal Product): Revitalizing moisture for normal to dry and sensitive skin. The sweet scent of plum and the active action of evening primrose revive your complexion, providing comfort and hydration. Plums are proven to have high levels of phyto-nutrients to fight the signs of aging associated with free radicals. This smooth whip of nutritious fruits gives your skin the moisture that it needs to look younger and line-free. A seasonal favorite available September 1st - December 31st.

Eminence Organics Sugar Plum Whip Moisturizer (Seasonal Product) Product Information

Additional Information

Wrappable Yes
Name Eminence Organics Sugar Plum Whip Moisturizer (Seasonal Product)
Manufacturer Eminence Organic Skin Care
Product Size Full Size
Volume in ounce(s) 2
Skin Type(s) Dry, Normal, Oily, Sensitive
Product Type Moisturizer
Conditions | Concerns Clogged Pores | Blackheads, Dryness | Dehydration, Dull | Devitalized, Fine Lines | Wrinkles, Hyperpigmentation, Sun Damage, Tired | Fatigued Skin
Application Apply a layer of moisturizer over the entire face and neck area and leave on. For a lighter application, emulsify a small amount of moisturizer in your hand with a few drops of water. For extra hydration, apply a thicker layer in dry areas.
Ingredients Sugar Plum, Plum Juice, Evening Primrose Oil, Carrot Tissue Oil, Calendula Extract, Plum Nectar, Natural Cream Base, Biocomplex (Vitamin A, Vitamin C Ester, Vitamin E, Q10 Alpha Lipoic Acid), Vitamin B5, Allantoin (From Wheat Germ Oil), Chammomile Extract, Plum Essence, Everlasting Daisy Extract, Black Currant Extract, Glycine Derivative.
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $62.00
Product Video No

Eminence Organics Sugar Plum Whip Moisturizer (Seasonal Product) Reviews

Overall Rating:

4.7 out of 5 stars

Based on 16 Reviews

  • Left a review before - retraction.

    Review By: Agatha

    Sometimes you have to use a product for a while and I used this thru the winter - I love it. I ended up using this as my winter day moisturizer instead of the sugar plum revitalizer. I live in Chicago so it's always up in the air what kind of weather it will be. The smell grew on me and I loved it. I will again switch back to the revitalizer for summer months and I am fairly certain I will order the Arctic Berry Peptide Radiance Cream for the summer as a night moisturizer. I will order this again next winter for my day wear.
  • Loving this for winter!

    Review By: Alexis

    I have problems with acne/breakouts, but also want to prevent aging and hydrate. This moisturizer does just that! When I read the skin conditions it treats I had a feeling I was really going to like it. I'm bummed this is only a seasonal product, and am already thinking what I am going to use until the moisturizer comes back out.
  • Velvety smooth

    Review By: Agatha

    I have the sugar plum oil free revitalizer and I love it. I have a tendency to break out and it's perfect for my skin type. However, with winter being here my skin needs a bit more hydration. This sugar plum whip moisturizer goes on smooth and feels velvity, not sticky at all. The smell is a little to sugary and its not my favorite, the revitalizer isn't as intense. Overall I like it. Will probably try a different one for next winter though.
  • Lacking facial softness after application

    Review By: Allison

    I love the coconut age defying moisturizer. But since I am only 30 I thought i would try something else.. I'm glad I only purchased the sample size. The moisturizer went on smooth and I did not need to add water, but I was not a fan of the smell or the consistency. It did not also add the moisture and softness to my face that the coconut moisturizer does.

  • LOVE IT!

    Review By: Amanda

    I love this! Because it is seasonal, I always stock up when in stock! It is by far one of my favorite's and feels amazing!
  • Great for mature sensitive skin

    Review By: liz

    I use this moisturizer as a day cream when I'm not going to wear makeup over it. I also use it for my night cream. Because it's a whip moisturizer, I don't find any need to dilute it with water, it's a beautiful luxurious cream.
  • sensitive, dry skin & clogged pores - works good for me

    Review By: Virginia

    I emulsify this moisturizer with a few drops of water and it works great for my sensitive, dry skin morning and night. My clogged pores are less noticeable.The fragrance is mild which I like very much. And, it has no alcohol which I need to avoid.
  • Lovely

    Review By: JC

    I tried this and it seemed a little heavy for my skin type for the day time. I tried using it in the night time and it is amazing for that. I'm a little disappointed it is a seasonal product but that just means I need to buy some soon!
  • Loved how it moisturized my dry-normal skin

    Review By: Holly

    As a mother of 2 under 2, I don't have much time to take care of myself. I ended up using this night cream for day or night. I loved how it moisturized my dry-normal skin without any shine. I used it in the dry winter & spring months. It felt really nice and has a nice light scent. This is definitely one I'll order again.
  • Soothing and nourishing for my combo sun-damaged skin

    Review By: Ashley

    This is my favorite moisturizer right now for the night time. It is rich but not overly-so, and it absorbs immediately into my skin, which is sensitive, sun-damaged, combination and acne-prone. My skin feels very soft and soothed, I love the way it feels.
  • Sugar Plum Whip Moisturizer

    Review By: Carly

    I did not experience the same "heavy" feel that the other reviewers claim, but again, my skin is on the normal-dry side depending heavily on weather and night before partying ;p First tried this several years back as a sample, and ordered full size this past summer for another try. My skin loved it, but didn't get the same plumpness that I'd remembered. My boyfriend; however, ADORED this one and stole most of it, so... money well spent!
  • Sugar Plum Whip Moisturizer

    Review By: Terri

    I don't like moisturizers that feel heavy or like they are clogging my pores, so I was very pleased with the texture and feel of the Sugar Plum Whip Moisturizer. I initially had it applied as part of a facial and each time I use it, I get the same smooth and soft feeling I had after the facial even though it was a month ago.
  • Sugar Plum Whip Moisturizer

    Review By: Anastasia

    I use this as a night cream and I use the Sugar Plum Oil Free Revitalizer as my day cream. What a combo; my skin has never looked so good. I hesitated to get both of them because the price seemed very high, but the results are fantastic and the products last forever. A jar of this lasts me for about 3 months, at which point the cost is not really an issue and it is a good idea to get both products. Never underestinate the benefit of using a richer night-time cream.
  • Sugar Plum Whip Moisturizer

    Review By: SUE

    I use this moisturizer during the winter months because it's a little heavier. It works very well when skin is drier. Not only does it smell great, but it soaks right in without a greasy feeling.
  • Sugar Plum Whip Moisturizer

    Review By: Rebecca

    This moisturizer had a pleasant smell. It was a little heavy unless used as a night cream.
  • Sugar Plum Whip Moisturizer

    Review By: Erica

    This was a little too thick for my skin type, but it was a very nice and moisturizing one.

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