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Eminence Organics Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment

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Product Name
Full Size - 2 oz.
Sample Size - 1 oz.

* - First period price

Quick Overview:

A clarifying, HOT and detoxifying treatment for all skin types, especially oily and combination skin types.
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Eminence Organics Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment


Eminence Organics Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment is a clarifying, detoxifying treatment for all skin types, especially, oily and breakout prone skin. Hungarian thermal mud benefits all skin types by infusing a powerful natural detoxification to help open pores and eliminating toxins and increasing circulation. 

Eminence Organics Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Product Information

Additional Information

Wrappable Yes
Name Eminence Organics Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment
Brand Eminence Organic Skin Care
Product Size Full Size
Volume in ounce(s) 2
Skin Type(s) Oily
Product Type Mask | Masque
Conditions | Concerns Acne & Breakouts, Clogged Pores | Blackheads, Redness | Irritation
Application Warm mud up to skin temperature. Apply a thin layer evenly over skin and wrap it to keep it warm. Leave on for about 15-20 minutes. Unwrap skin and rinse thoroughly. Tingling may occur for about 20 minutes, and redness may persist for about 45 minutes. It should dissipate on its own.
Ingredients Organic Phytonutrient Blend™ [Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Juice*, Rubus Fruticosus (Blackberry) Juice*, Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry) Juice*, Crataegus Monogyna (Hawthorn) Berry Juice*, Hippophae Rhamnoides (Seabuckthorn) Berry Juice*, Solanum Lycopersicum (Tomato) Juice*, Vaccinium Corymbosum (Blueberry) Juice*, Morus Alba (Mulberry) Leaf Extract*, Vegetable Glycerin*, Maltodextrin (from Rice)* and Silica], Hungarian Thermal Mud, Stearic Acid, Stearyl Alcohol, Cymbopogon Schoenanthus (Lemongrass) Extract*, Vegetable Glycerin*, Salicylic Acid, Soy Lecithin*, Xanthan Gum, 1,2 Hexanediol, Caprylyl Glycol, Tropolone, Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Oil, Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Extract*, Cinnamomum Cassia (Cinnamon) Oil, Juglans Regia (Walnut) Leaf Extract, Equisetum Arvense (Horsetail) Extract*, Sodium Hydroxide, Hedera Helix (Ivy) Leaf Extract*, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid, Capsicum Annuum (Paprika) Extract*, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil*, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract*, Sambucus Nigra (Elderflower) Extract*, Tilia Cordata (Linden) Flower Extract*, Rosa Centifolia (Rose) Flower Extract*, Achillea Millefolium (Yarrow) Extract*, Biocomplex2™ [Euterpe Oleracea (Acai)*, Citrus Limon (Lemon)*, Malpighia Glabra (Barbados Cherry)*, Emblica Officinalis (Indian Gooseberry)*, Adansonia Digitata (Baobab)*, Myrciaria Dubia (Camu Camu)*, Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot)*, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Water*, Lycium Barbarum (Goji) Berry*, Tapioca Starch (from Cassava Root)*, Thioctic Acid (Alpha Lipoic Acid) and Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q10)]. *Certified Organic
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $46.00

Eminence Organics Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Reviews

Overall Rating:

4.3 out of 5 stars

Based on 50 Reviews

  • I love how it heats up

    Review By: Alixine

    Skin Type


    Age Group


    I love this mask because it heats up my skin and with the mud it does double duty of cleaning and purifying the surface of my skin, since I have dry skin, I only use it once or twice a month when my skin is trying to break out. It does not over dry my skin, and my face glows after I use this. I will definitely buy this again!


    • Nice smell
    • Very effective
    • Very warming
  • Good for spot treatments, not as thick as expected

    Review By: taylor

    I like using this overnight as a spot treatment. Anticipated the consistency would be a little heavier/thicker than it is-
  • ok

    Review By: Maria

    I bought this product at a spa before and it was so hot that i had to dilute it with water. When I bought this product online it was not very hot and I did not have to dilute it. It did not leave my skin very red after washing it off. It helps as a spot treatment overnight on breakouts. Helps to prevent hormonal acne.
  • I liked the heat with no redness

    Review By: Meaghan

    Skin Type


    Age Group


    My skin felt smooth, pores refined and a serious glow after using this mask! It was hot at first, but the heat lessened through the 10 minutes I wore the mask. Afterward I expected my skin to be beet red but it wasn't at all! I was afraid to use it before work because I thought my skin may become inflamed so I used it before bed. It just had a nice glow about it afterward. I loved this mask and after trying the sample twice, I will be buying a larger pot of it!
  • Wonderful product!

    Review By: Aleah

    Skin Type


    Age Group


    This stuff is awesome. Everything from Eminence is awesome!!
  • Deep Cleaning

    Review By: Jennifer

    Skin Type


    Age Group


    I bought it as a sample, and was a bit reluctant to try this today because of the other reviews about the heat and tingling. I'm so glad that I tried it. It's so much more than an average mud mask. I didn't experience the overwhelming heat that others have talked about. Yes there was heat, and it tingled a bit, but it was really no worse than a cinnamon lip plumper. There was warmth and tingling for the entire ten minutes, but when I rinsed it off there was no redness or irritation. For my skin type--normal with an oily T-Zone and enlarged pores--I could see that I would need to add extra moisture back to my skin after using this. But it definitely did a great job of deep cleaning my pores. This will be a great weekly or bi-monthly cleansing facial to add to my routine.
  • Wow

    Review By: Lena

    My face is cleaner right away after the first use. Clear pores, and didn't make my face really red. Love it!
  • I love it!

    Review By: Noelle

    I love this masque! I tried a sample and just bought the full size. It is hot when you first apply it which I love! I'm 40 with combination skin. Fine lines are dramatically reduced and pores are smaller with this masque. This is the kind of masque you get immediate and noticeable results with. I don't usually have breakouts so I can't say how it works for that. I would recommend this to everyone.
  • Amazing!

    Review By: Yashmi

    Been using this for months! A little goes a long way!! And it helps so much with breakouts and you feel it working! love!
  • Hot Hot Hot

    Review By: Angela

    I have combo/oily/dry/sensitive skin and have used this masque for 2 yrs. This masque has an interesting gel like consistency that I let dry to flat flakes. I like it for spot treating pimples or drawing out congestion. Because I have sensitive skin I cant use it everywhere, but it works well to get clogs out. I prefer using the Clear Skin Probiotic Masque all over the face on a weekly basis as it doesn't redden my skin.
  • Hot Masque!

    Review By: Danielle

    This masque is definitely not for those with highly sensitive skin. I do not feel that my skin is super sensitive but this masque would almost bring tears to my eyes after i would apply it. However, the hot tingle would go away within 15 seconds and then I'd allow the product to stay on for 15 minutes before rinsing off. I do think the product does a great job of clearing your skin and leaving it very soft. I have a variety of Eminence masques that I alternate. Since this one is so hot and because I have another hot masque (8 greens), I only use this one every couple months. One thing I noticed is that after time (about 2 years....maybe i shouldn't let it last that long), it solidifies a bit. It is still usable, just a different texture when spreading onto your face. Also, having had it that long, it still tingles and works!
  • Incredible

    Review By: Agatha

    I was recommended eminence by two people and decided to give it a go - I will NEVER use another skincare product in my entire life and I swear by these products. I went to a local eminence spa salon and received a sample of this mask and I fell in love. I knew it was going to be hot but the paprika and the cinnamon in it must really be potent because there is a hot sensation (that I, by the way, love!) since it stimulates the blood flow in the face and brings it to the surface. I, of course, purchased a full size recently and can't wait to fit this into my regimen. Highly recommend especially if your face is prone to have blemishes and can be oily but I think this would work for anyone looking for a weekly treat.
  • Review By Michele

    Review By: Michele

    This is definitely my favorite masque. If you have oily acne prone skin and large pores, then this is the masque for you.
  • My favorite treatment

    Review By: MARIA

    Earlier I submitted a not so good review about this product, I had only tried it once. I must say that now I'm totally hooked with this treatment, I'm on my 2nd jar now. I use it weekly and it makes my face wonderfully clear, balanced, plumped, smooth, just beautiful. It works wonders to control my combination skin and keeping blemishes at bay. I'm 30+ and lately my face was behaving like a teenager. I leave it 15 min every time, and follow up with a hydrating masque, sometimes I use the Grapefruit mask if my skin is breaking out, or the Strawberry mask if I want smooth & plumped skin.
  • Ouch

    Review By: Laura

    I generally love Eminence products but this one is too intense for me. I didn't like the pain or the texture, which is a bit runny. I was expecting something thicker and more clay like that dries on your face. This stays moist and looks kind of gross while you're wearing it. I didn't notice enough of an improvement in my skin to justify buying it again.
  • Review by Shelby

    Review By: Shelby

    This is the first hot mask I ever bought from Eminence and it is my favorite! I have combination skin (a little breakout prone in my Tzone) and I use this when I start to notice any signs of breakouts and this dramatically reduces any blemish! It stings at first, but then calms down and feels very relaxing! It also helps with large pores! Overall, I would absolutely recommend if you can handle the sting!
  • Great Clarifying Product

    Review By: Molly

    This masque definitely starts off intense! Though after a few minutes it left my skin feeling cool, and detoxified. Tried using it for the first time during a breakout, and I was able to see an immediate reduction in inflammation, redness, and skin skin hydration. I strongly recommend this for anyone looking to balance oily or breakout prone skin.
  • Does it hurt? Yes. Does it work miracles? Yes!

    Review By: Christopher

    As others have stated, it's not exactly the most comfortable mask you're ever going to use. Unlike other deep-cleaning masks, I don't exfoliate much before using the Hungarian Mud. But, honestly, either way…it's going to hurt a little. The first time is the worse, and then your skin gets used to it.

    But the good news is the pain isn't without gain. Of all the deep-cleaning masks I've used (usually either clay or enzymatic), the Hungarian Mud makes the biggest difference. The next day, my skin is visibly clearer and pours are smaller.
  • Great for Oily Skin

    Review By: Kris

    This is the only mask that I own from Eminence because it is the best. I have oily and acne prone skin and I use this mask once a day for a couple days right before a break out. I have seen only amazing results in reducing the amount of breakouts.
  • Good

    Review By: Wing Yee

    love this mask! the result is amazing!!!
  • Words can't describe how hot this is.

    Review By: Radhika

    I've been an Eminence fan for 10 years and somehow I hadn't tried this product. I received a sample in my last order and thought I'd give it a go. It was probably not the best idea to do this right after using the Yam & Pumpkin Enzyme Peel. Within about 10 seconds of applying, the first thought that occurred was " wow! they've finally figured out how to bottle the fires of hell, and I just smeared this on my face". I'm pretty sure the next thing I saw was my skin starting to melt off. I immediately rinsed it off with cold water (I recommend adding ice) and to my surprise the sensation lingered for 15 more minutes. Whew, that was rough. if you're going to try it, definitely not after a prior exfoliation. Once was enough for me.
  • Not too hot

    Review By: Maria

    I was afraid how HOT this mask was, actually it's not that bad, the first 3 minutes are the worst, that's when you think its too much I should take it off, but if you made it that far, the feeling just goes away after 3 min, so keep it, be brave!
    About the texture, its really liquid, I thought it would be thick like mud since I've used other mud masks before, instead this is really fluid like watery, so mixing it with water felt like diluting too much. I've only used it 2 times, when I was having horrible breakouts and I must say I didn't feel it helped so much, I even used it 2 nights in a row. I'm kind of disappointed, but I'll keep using it, maybe my skin needs to get use to it. I'm hoping it works on my face soon!
  • Amazing Complexion Improver

    Review By: Brooke

    LOVE this masque! And yes, it is hot but only for the first minute or two and I leave the masque on between 5 and 10 minutes. I received a travel size of this product in the anti-blemish starter set and was thrilled with how my skin looks after using it. The amount of breakouts I get has decreased significantly and I love how my complexion glows the next morning after using this masque.
  • Hot

    Review By: Jess

    Wow is what I have to say! I have used masques that heat while you wear it but this was not what I was expecting. I tried a sample from an order and I was told it would be hot and I might think I am having a reaction. I did think that, but I kept it on! I love how my skin felt once I washed it off! Yes I was flush, but it only lasted for a little bit. This is now one of my favorite products!
  • Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque

    Review By: Sierra

    I have acne prone skin and the Hungarian Herbal Mud Mask is amazing! It is hot but it's only hot for the first minute or two and then it fades, if you have ever had a chemical peel before this is deffinately a lot easier to handle. I can't say enough great things about Eminence products! My skin was a wreck because of a name brand department store brand and when I would talk to them directly I was told it was just "purging".. no one's skin "purges" for over six months. Great product, smells yummy and natural as an added cherry on top!
  • Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque

    Review By: Heidi

    I love how stimulating this mask feels. I've even mixed it with the AHA fruit pulp treatment and Lime stimulating mask in my facials. It also works great with cystic acne.
  • Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque

    Review By: megan

    I love this product! I use a tiny bit on a problem area and it reacts so fast. my skin has never looked so good.
  • Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque

    Review By: Mary

    I also love this masque, it has been great for my skin. I use it once a week and can not believe how great my face looks after useing it.
  • Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque

    Review By: Marjorie

    This mask is HOT! I'm in love. I had been using the Eight Greens Hot mask for a while and then switched to the Hugarian Mud. I love it. I have pretty oily skin and am prone to break outs. I feel like this mask really helps to absorb excess oil and tighten my skin. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth and soft. It is very spicy though, so please use caution. I find the heat sensation to be definitely worth the benefits in my complexion. I highly recommended this product for those who can handle the heat!
  • Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque

    Review By: Julie

    I really had hoped this would help me clear my skin but it seemed to cause a few white heads a couple days after each use. Not sure if this was from product but seemed to be a pattern which is unfortunate since I got this to reduce oil, clean pores and hopefully get rid of my acne. It's possible that this is just how my skin reacts to being detoxified. Luckily I have found the Oil Free Sugar Plum moisutrizer and Grapefruit Gel which I have been using for a couple years now and having access to oil free and healthy moisturizers has already been a tremendous help reducing acne issues. I diluted this mask just a little the first time and it was still pretty hot but after that I knew what to expect and actually craved the mask as it does seem to bring so much great circulation and healthy benefits to the face although I have to be careful of spider veins and have heard that too much heat on the face can encourage these. If I do not continue to use on my face I will likely use on other parts of my body when muscles are sore or areas need a little detox.
  • Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque

    Review By: Stacey

    This masque is awesome!!! It was not uncomfortably hott either. It really deep cleans and helps to detox your skin, so it will bring all impurities to the surface. I reccomend using it only a few times a week though because overuse can bring about breakouts. It really helped to clear up my skin giving it a radiant sexy sheen almost imediately... Just don't overuse it because it detoxes superbly and it will cause things to surface.
  • Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque

    Review By: MARIAN

    I am fairly new to the Eminence skin care line; and I have been using this cinnamon-scented mask for almost one month. In this time, I have come to find that this mask, in my opinion, is gentle enough for nightly use. However, I called Eminence's customer service (number on the back of the package) and was told that they only recommend using this mask once a week. Be that as it may, the Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque has helped to calm, soothe, heal, and reduce the severity of blemishes on my skin (more so than any of the other items [intended for acne-prone skin] I have tried from this skin care line). Moreover, I have sensitive skin and this treatment did not irritate my skin in any way. Instead, there is a warm, comfortable, sensation when first applied that quickly dissipates within the first minute of application. All in all, I highly recommend the Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque for anyone suffering with breakouts and/or acne-prone skin.
  • Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque

    Review By: Erin

    I love this product! You can add a little water to dilute the "hotness." I'm used to it and find I don't need much water. It feels good to wear and the warmth lets you know it's working. I've always had combination skin and at 35 I still get occasional breakouts. If I focus the mud right on them, the next day you can barely notice anything. It also makes your skin softer and brighter.
  • Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque

    Review By: Wendy

    This masque is definitely pretty hot when applied. It feels like how a fireball cinnamon candy feels in your mouth at first but then the hotness fades and feels very stimulating. I did not have a problem with any redness and my skin tends to get and stay red with any irritation. My face felt firm and wonderful after using this masque. Another wonderful product from Eminence!
  • Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque

    Review By: Princess

    This masque is HOTTT! Really helped clear out my Acne by using it once a week. My face is covered with acne and whiteheads due to lack of sleep from working graveyard shift. And this masque along with Seven Herb masque helped heal my breakouts and control it. Also, diminished my large pores and I'm less oily during the day. I still breakout a little bit I know it is due to my crazy work schedule.
  • Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque

    Review By: Heather

    I love this one! I've almost finished my first jar of this and plan to buy again. It IS hot for the first minute or two but my skin is so clear and rosy afterwards. My breakouts have diminished and my face seems better toned. Five stars!
  • Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque

    Review By: siobhan

    Smells kinda like lickrish or how ever you spell it . Works amazing for soaking up oil and zaps breakouts like a whip. Great mask!
  • Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque

    Review By: Tiffany

    Wow! This mask is definitely hot, I felt like I had a hot tamale candy on my face delicious! Even though it was super hot I loved it I used it last night and when I took it off my skin was sooo smooth and I had some pimples before I put it on and when I took it off they seemed to have almost dissapeared! Great for oily or acne prone skin, so far this is one of my favorite masks! I love the grapefruit and seven herb mask as well!
  • Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque

    Review By: Stephanie

    I have used this masque in the past, and it worked pretty good for oil control, but goodness is it HOT! I think this is why I havent returned to this product after the first couple of purchases. I feel extremely empathetic for those reviewers with terrible acne. I suffer with it too. Emince products have been the only products that work for me. Eminence has saved my life too!
  • Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque

    Review By: michelle

    This is a miracle product. I loved how it improved my skin after the first use. I alternate it with the Seven Herb and Pink Grapefruit and I cannot get over the improvement in my skin. I have blackheads and breakouts, especially along the jawline and could not believe how my skin is clearing up.
  • Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque

    Review By: Roberta

    This Mask was my life saver. I had severe cystic type acne all over my face and was SOOO depressed, i didnt even want to leave my house. I had my sister's wedding to attend and ordered this mask on a whim, because of the ingredients. I figured if this wouldn't work, then i had to get professional help. I'm telling you the truth when i say that the moment i applied it and washed it off my cystic acne was GONE, reduced and gone, i starred at myself in the mirror for like 20 minutes..haha...i couldn't believe how the color to my face came back, and how fresh and clean my skin felt, like my pores were breathing finally. I continued to use it right up until the day of my sister's wedding. I got so many compliments on my skin, that i hardly needed to wear very much makeup that day. I fell in love with this product and wish i could order it again, since the recession i haven't been able to get my hands on any, but im waiting for the day i can once again order this wonderful miracle zit zapper :) Viva la Eminence!!!!!!
  • Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque

    Review By: Elizabeth

    Talk about a wake up for you skin. This product will definitely do that. It's a little hot at first, but it goes away after a few minutes- so it's tolerable. I was concerned the first time I used this product because of my allergy-prone, sensitive skin, but I did not react. I'm always aware and careful of what I put on my skin to avoid reactions. Because my skin is so sensitive, I am also prone to breakouts. Once a week I use the mask after my cleanser and exfoliant then follow it with the pink grapefruit clarifying mask. My skin looks incredible for days after. If I have a few blemishes, I use the herbal mud mask as a spot treatment on those areas and follow it with the clarifying mask as well. The blemishes are significantly reduced the next morning.
  • Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque

    Review By: Yuko

    This masque is the BEST!!!! I have REALLY oily skin, and acne prone skin. My skin gets congested because of the oil. I used this mask and after I rinsed it off the oil from my face and especially my nose was coming out. I used a oil blotting paper to remove it and I saw pore circles on the paper from all the oil. The oil coming out of my pores didn't stop for about 30 minutes. I was so amazed on how well this product works. Yes, you do feel like you got a sunburn but that will go away. It's well worth the money and also the heating sensation to get the excess oil removed from your skin. I absolutely recommend this product to someone who has REALLY oily skin.
  • Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque

    Review By: Katie

    This is the best mask I have ever used. If it is made too hot simply add some water or use an ice cube to cool the area of the skin that is too hot. It does a fantastic job on my skin.
  • Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque

    Review By: Kathleen

    I try to use this once a week to deal with breakouts and oily skin. You can really feel it working!
  • Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque

    Review By: Suzanne

    I use this masque whenever I need relief from my breakouts. I have tried the Lime masque, but I prefer this one. I would advise trying the samples and figure out which one is right for you. They're all wonderful, but I like to "feel" a product working. The Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment is real warm and leaves my skin red for a while, but it does the trick and smells nice!
  • Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque

    Review By: Jessica

    This is a lovely masque and not so terribly hot, but I feel as though the lime stimulating masque perhaps works better for me.
  • Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque

    Review By: Amber

    I only have a sample of this and have not tried it as a full face mask but I do use it as a spot treatment on acne. It feels tingly and warm at first but then that goes away and once you wash it off the area is left very soft. It does it job and clears the acne. I will be buying the full size when I run out of my sample.
  • Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque

    Review By: Erica

    Great masque! This was a nice feeling one. At first it's HOT but then it gets better and once you remove it... oh baby does your skin feel soft!
  • Hungarian Herbal Mud Treatment Masque

    Review By: Kathleen

    This masque works really great! You can feel your skin tingling. The consistency is a bit thin, but the results are great!

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