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Eminence Rosehip Tonique

Eminence Rosehip Tonique is available for purchase in increments of 1
Product code: 355

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Quick Overview:

An essential, calming toner for normal, oily, sensitive and rosacea skin. Rosehip calms and reduces irritation, lemon juice tones and removes surface impurities. High levels of vitamin C and antioxidants purify the complexion and slow signs of aging.

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Eminence Rosehip Tonique


An essential, calming toner for normal, oily, sensitive and rosacea skin. Rosehip calms and reduces irritation, lemon juice tones and removes surface impurities. High levels of vitamin C and antioxidants purify the complexion and slow signs of aging.

Eminence Rosehip Tonique Product Information

Additional Information

Wrappable Yes
Name Eminence Rosehip Tonique
Manufacturer Eminence Organics
Product Size Full Size
Volume in ounce(s) 4
Product Type Toner, Tonique
Conditions | Concerns Acne & Breakouts, Clogged Pores | Blackheads, Large Pores, Redness | Irritation, Rosacea, Uneven Skin Tone, Adult Acne
Application Use after cleanser, masque or exfoliating cream to remove all traces of previous products and to reveal the clearness of the complexion. Spray directly onto the face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Leave on. May also be applied with cotton pads.
Ingredients Rosehip Juice, Spring Water, Salicylic Acid.
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $38.00
Product Video No

Eminence Rosehip Tonique Reviews

Overall Rating:

4.3 out of 5 stars

Based on 17 Reviews

  • Hydrating Mist Works Well

    Review By: Jami

    This definitely gives my skin moisture after cleansing, but it stings my sensitive /rosacea skin a bit too much and I don't love the scent. I will use this up but may try another tonique next time.
  • Good

    Review By: Wing Yee

    Love this toner, it good for my skin.
  • Rosehip Tonique

    Review By: Mia

    I'm not sure if this is doing anything for my oily/acne skin, but a few sprays after washing my face definitely keeps my skin feeling hydrated. If I don't apply moisturizer after, it does feel a slight bit sticky and my face looks shiny, but it's nothing bad. The description mentions lemon juice so I thought it would help with acne scars, but there isn't any in the ingredient list.
  • Rosehip Tonique

    Review By: Stephanie

    I like this tonique. It smells nice and seems to help my oily, acne-prone skin. It isn't sticky and works just as described. This rosehip tonique is the first that I have tried and I have no complaints. I'm sure that I will be trying one or two more in the future, but I will have no problem returning to this one and making it my staple, if necessary.
  • Rosehip Tonique

    Review By: Kim

    This is a wonderful toner. I use it twice a day and it really helps keep my skin hydrated and my roseacea to a minimum. My favorite toner, along with Stone Crop.
  • Rosehip Tonique

    Review By: Morgan

    Love this toner! I have an oily T zone and was using the Stone Crop toner before. This one makes my skin less oily throughout the day vs the Stone Crop. I am not sure what the "sticky" feeling others have said about this toner because I have never experienced that. The smell is minimal so that isn't an issue either. I am definitely a harsh critic and this stuff is wonderful!
  • Rosehip Tonique

    Review By: Emily

    This is lightweight and refreshing for my sensitive skin!
  • Rosehip Tonique

    Review By: Natalie

    I like this one to finish the cleansing process. I wear quite a bit of makeup, and while my cleanser removes it, I like knowing that I can then apply this and be completely sure that there are no traces of makeup left.
  • Rosehip Tonique

    Review By: Monica

    Sticky feeling after application of tonic. I spray my face and then wipe off with cotton pad. This seems to prevent sticky feeling. I have an oily forehead, but this doesn't seem to help control the oil. It seems to make me feel worse, sticky and oily...yuck! Won't buy product again.
  • Rosehip Tonique

    Review By: Kathleen

    I love the toniques in general, they are refreshing and my skin immediately feels more hydrated upon application. I keep some at work to feel refreshened during the day. The rosehip tonique is good for my skin because I have oily skin and it does not contribute to the oiliness. I think the tonique is an important step in cleansing as well as after washing, sometimes my skin feels dry and the tonique helps balance my skin.
  • Rosehip Tonique

    Review By: Suzanne

    I bought the full size of this tonique and have been marginally happy with it. I too am just OK with the smell and it does leave my skin sticky. I am keeping an open mind and continue to use to for the salicylic acid for oil control.
  • Rosehip Tonique

    Review By: Michelle

    This is tied with the Lime Tonique and Stone Crop as my favorite Eminence tonique. It really helps with my problem/aging skin. I use it with the Mineral wash and it has made a significant improvement. I never really thought toners would work and was hesitant that it wouldn't last long as it seems to be a "small" size but I have had it for a couple of months and haven't put a dent in it.
  • Rosehip Tonique

    Review By: Stephanie

    I have tried probably every toniqe eminence has...and I dont get it really. I havent seen a difference in using any of the toniqes other than I use them as a moisturizer when I am especially oily instead of using a lotion.
  • Rosehip Tonique

    Review By: Sheryl

    I love this tonique! I find that it balances my oily skin, and it is very refreshing.
  • Rosehip Tonique

    Review By: Kathleen

    I don't like the smell/feel of this toner. It leaves my skin feeling slightly sticky.
  • Rosehip Tonique

    Review By: Erica

    Great product. It controls oils and refreshes my skin. I use this twice a day and love it. The bottle lasts forever. I have been using it for about 5 months and I probably can get another months worth out of it.
  • Rosehip Tonique

    Review By: ashley

    This product is amazing it keeps my oily skin refreshed.

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